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Established 1995 
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Within each Lifeleaf stage, students have professional feedback to guide their progress and behavior. Each week, staff members present a written report to students, peers, and parents. Students are given weekly privilege zones based on this report, which allows for insightful reflection on their choices and self-corrective measures to be taken week to week.

The Evangelhouse Christian Academy structured education program will guide your daughter through external behavioral changes to internal "heart" changes. Our stages of change theory is based upon the belief that change takes time, effort, and support from others. Our caring and professional staff will guide your daughter through this important healing process with your input and support. Please call us at 1-800-924-4012 to learn more or visit our contact page.

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- youth group
- discipleship
- training

- individual
- family
- group
- therapy

- year-round
- accredited
- fine arts
- individualized

- campus life
- positive peers
- structured
- supervised

- English riding
- team sports
- nutrition
- exercise

 - parent involved
- measured
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