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Established 1995 
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a place to grow 

Growth is a measurable process that requires healthy conditions and ample time.  The Evangelhouse Christian Academy LifeLeaf treatment model creates the right conditions, the right amount of time, and a gauge to measure spiritual, therapeutic, academic, social and physical growth.

stages of growth 

Each stage of therapeutic development has its own set of tasks, privileges, and time requirements. Stages serve as a way to measure progress. As students work their way through each stage, parents gain clarity for setting goals, acknowledge positive accomplishments, and highlight what actions need to be taken next.

Parents have a great deal of input into goal setting, treatment planning, and stage promotions. Parents maintain contact with their daughter through frequent phone calls, mail, and in-person visits. The typical student takes twelve months to realize all five therapeutic stages, but it can take up to eighteen months. In that time, parents have the benefit of seeing God work in their daughter's life in a measurable way that impacts the entire family.

  • ​Students grow in each LifeLeaf through 5 stages.  

  • The 5 stages guide goal setting and measures progress. 
  • It takes a student 12 to 18 months to complete all 5 stages. 

  • Through stages 1, 2, & 3, students overcome their outward behavior symptoms.

  • As students progress through stages 4 and 5 they work beyond outward behavior symptoms and overcome underlying causes.  

  • Finally, students internalize change as they complete the LifeLeaf process.

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Evangelhouse Christian Academy is OPEN and was unaffected by hurricane Laura.  Evangelhouse continues to safely accept admissions and operate within CDC guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19.  

    We welcome your questions and feedback regarding the qualtiy of care and safety for the students we serve.  Contact us anytime at:

    office: (800) 924-4012    email:     mail:  P.O. Box 139 Saint Martinville, Louisiana 70582 map

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